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    Team Grigio

    Starting this thread to share contact info about farriers who shoe horses here. Please add your own references, with contact info as available.

    We have used and had good experiences with:

    • Mark Eden at (505) 770-5994
    • Mike Stone at (505) 690-5215
    Team Grigio

    This business card was recently dropped off with another Eldorado barn owner, who sent it to me for posting here. (“Team Grigio” has no personal experience with this farrier.)

    Christian Talamantes


    Eric Stewart of Eldorado provides farrier services. 626-818-5528

    Karla Lauritsen

    Robert Holt provides farrier services. He specializes in working with equines having lameness issues. He works as part of the equine’s team of owner, veterinarian, farrier, nuritionist and bodyworker. 505-470-2146

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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