Amelia Adair

Hi Laura, thank you for your interest in the Eldorado Stables. You can find more details about how the Eldorado Community Stables work in the FAQ section of our Barns for Sale List, but in a nutshell, Eldorado property owners are eligible to buy barns in the Community Stables — every home in Eldorado is horse property! The Stables are solely for self-care, no boarding is allowed. That means barn owners and sharers must provide all feed, care, mucking, barn and corral maintenance at their sole expense, and must reimburse the ECIA for any expenses like manure removal, water and property taxes. We also must carry liability insurance at our own expense. It’s a great place to connect with a welcoming community of equestrians, which those of us who are new to New Mexico especially appreciate. If you have more questions, feel free to contact the Eldorado Stable Committee directly at eldoradostables@gmail.com.