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Karla Lauritsen

With the growing season mostly completed, our equines are still eager to assist with weed management through grazing the dried weeds, either standing or pulled. They especially like to highgrade their mouthfuls, by eating the weeds seeds still on the plants. Graze On!

The Greenspace Task Force thanks all who have worked on improving the grounds and habitat at the Stable. You have made this effort enjoyable and effective. Your hand grazing your equines, along with targeted hand pulling, weed whacking, and mowing, have significantly depleted the weed seed base here. Plus, your efforts have significantly reduced the the mowing and weed whacking by ECIA Maintenance Crew around the barns and arenas. In the arroyo, the expanded Stable trail system has become a community favorite–supported through your abundant hand pulling of unwanted weeds competing with grasses, wildflowers, shrubs, and trees. Thank You, All–Equines and Humans!