DeWitt Daggett from Barn 5 here. In conversations at the stables over the winter there were comments from several folks about the ever-present need for new hay sources. So I am offering one. I grow hay on my place in western Colorado and have access to the hay from several other farms. As with chickens which you don’t count until they hatch, you never count your bales until they are safely in the barn. But in a normal year, here are the specs. My hay is mostly grass (brome + orchard grass) with up to 10% alfalfa in the first cutting and up to 20% alfalfa in the second. The hay is herbicide and insecticide free. Bales weigh 60 to 70 lbs and are priced accordingly, $12 a bale for 60 lb bales, $13 a bale for 70 lb bales. $1 a bale to unload and stack. I would come down with 200 bale loads which could all go to one barn or be divided up among several. Delivery of first cutting is the last half of June, delivery of second is September on. I am in Wyoming July and August. There is usually some first cutting left into the fall as well. I would love to get an idea of interest from Eldorado barn owners. You can email me at dewittdaggett@gmail.com or text to 970-261-8971. I hope the wind is dying down, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the spring riding down there is opening up.

Best to all,