…and Answers

Who can keep horses at the Stable Amenity?

Any property owner in Eldorado may purchase a barn, and any resident can make arrangements to share a barn.  The ECIA general manager has a list of barns for sale.

Who takes care of the horses?

The ECIA Stable Amenity is not a boarding facility.  Barn owners, who have purchased their individual barns, and their sharers, take care of their own horses.  They are responsible for handling all horse care and feeding, manure removal, barn and paddock maintenance.

Can I ride or rent a horse at the Stables?

There are no livery horses available at the Stables at this time, however, there are instructors who have received permission to give riding lessons at the Stables.  If you live in Eldorado, and have a horse boarded elsewhere, you may use the arenas, round pens and trails.

What else can I do at the Stables if I don’t own a barn?

All Eldorado residents are welcome to visit the Stable Amenity. It’s a great place to walk and enjoy watching the horses, birds and other animals, especially on the arroyo trails west of the barns.  Gardeners may collect manure to upgrade the quality of their soil.  If you own a horse, you may seek an opportunity to share a barn here.