In 1993 AMREP deeded 12 acres along Highway 285 to ECIA for the perpetual use of horse owners. Thirty-six barns are occupied by a wide variety of equines including Quarter Horses, Drafts, Arabians, mules, and even donkeys. Typically 70 horses live at the stables. The amenity includes two round pens, two arenas and a jumping area. Barn owners pursue many disciplines like dressage, jumping, trail riding and barrel racing.

The stables are a high-use amenity that is open year-round and at all hours. It is also the only user-fee amenity in Eldorado. Barn owners pay for water usage, manure removal, property tax, and a fly predator program. In addition, barns must be maintained to ECIA standards and owners must carry insurance that includes naming ECIA as a second insured.

ECIA owns the property but interested horse owners must buy their own barns and fencing. ECIA maintains the common areas of the stables but the care of the horses is the total responsibility of barn owners. For the latest information about barns for sale or sharing a barn space, please contact the Stable Committee.

The Stables are a popular destination for families with children. Barn owners love to talk about their horses and are always willing to answer questions. Each fall, a Community Day is held and grows in popularity every year. Pony rides are the biggest hit of the day.

Get your giddy up on and pay us a visit. We are all fortunate to live in a community that honors and preserves horses, one of the most cherished and important cornerstones of the American West.