Native American pictographs in Canyon de Chelly. Photo by Gallopingphotog / CC BY 2.0

Horses have been a central part of life in the Southwest since 1540, when Francisco Vázquez de Coronado brought 1,200 horses and mules north from Mexico. Later, the offspring of Coronado’s herd were adopted by the Native American pueblo people near Santa Fe. And the area around Eldorado has an extensive history of cattle ranching on horseback—first by Spanish vaqueros and later by American cowboys.

With 36 barns and nearly 60 horses, the Eldorado Stables build upon this long equestrian tradition, ensuring that horses and their riders remain a vital part of our Northern New Mexico community. Barn owners care for their equines, maintain their barns and paddocks, and pay for their own water and manure removal, property tax, and other costs.